Club Athlete Development Pathway

The Athlete Development Pathway defines the athlete’s journey on entering the sport.  Athletic development is a systematic process that requires strong foundations.  An athlete entering the sport aged 25 with no prior experience, would still need to begin at the foundation level.

The table shows a high level overview how an athlete can progress from a complete novice to an elite performer.  Within Leamington C&AC an athlete has the opportunity to reach the Event Group Development stage and in some cases the Event Specialist stage.

Athlete Development

Young Athletes

It takes time to develop high level athletics skills but given the correct coaching at the right age, the athlete will remain engaged and progress with confidence.

Leamington C&AC has a defined route for athletes coming into the club at any age.  This is more important at a younger age than someone coming in later in life, though it should be noted that movement skills at all ages are key.  Information is based on UKA Athlete Development Model.  This is available on the Athletics Hub though a login will be required.

Youngsters from 4 to 12 years old should ideally take part in a multi-event session.  This will build a good grounding from which they can start to look at specific events in their mid-teens.  However we are aware that some youngsters will only enjoy running, having participated in Park Runs with parents etc. therefore provision can be made in the younger endurance groups for this.

Athlete Pathway

Entry Point for Young Athletes

The following information is for new, young athletes coming into Leamington C&AC,

U9     4-9 years old – Thursday evening FUNdamentals (Athletics 365)

U11   9-10 years old – Multi-event group (Athletics 365)

U13   11-12 years old – Youth Endurance or Multi-event, starting to work on a more technical level and for those looking to compete, lower level league matches or XC.  Foundation level.

U15   13-14 years old – Learning To Train – Endurance, Speed, Jumps or Throws.  Athletes would show technical competence at this level and start to think about the direction in which they go.

U17   15-16 years old – Event Group level and Training To Compete.  Athletes at this level would be technically proficient at a range of events within their chosen event group.  They would understand the importance of warm-ups, drills and movement skills.  The athlete would also be able to analyse their chosen event/s and with feedback with the coach identify weaker areas for progression.

U20   17+ years old – Event Group training – Endurance, Sprints, Jumps or Throws.  Includes combined events.

U23   Event Group or even Event Specialist – could be training for a single event at a high level or working on combined events – heptathlon, decathlon etc.

Seniors – 23+ years old and Masters – 35+ years old – Track & Field, Road Running, Cross Country and Endurance.