I have been a coach for 4 years. I’m an event group throws coach, however I work with younger children a lot of the time doing 365 athletics and some multi sports from time to time. Im also Thursday nights junior coach.

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I got into coaching because it was firstly just offered through the athletics club, and being an athlete myself made me want to teach others my knowledge and share with others as well. Its a good feeling when you are able to get someone to achieve their goals or improve their performance.

The Athletics Coach training was quite easy. The first course is very much what you really need to be an athletics coach and how you can present 365 in games and different activities. However when you go up the levels, there is a lot more reading, some is interesting but other parts you just have to get done to understand how to do something or know why you’re doing certain things 

As mentioned, I would say watching an athlete develop over time, especially if you spend a lot of time with them or have them for over a year. And I would say its good that some children take what they have learnt back with them and even use it in P.E lessons 

Even through the nights that are cold and miserable, its good to adapt to the weather and ways that you can coach, at the end of the day it will make you a better coach and teach you how to work in stricter environments. You never know if you’ll come up with a new idea. 

You actually develop a friendship with some of the athletes, as in, you will understand their abilities and what they are capable of so the session is able to run smoothly, as for coaching newbies and bigger groups, you naturally learn how to become more approachable and efficient with how you spend their time with them 

My proudest moment was the other day when one of the younger under 13 athletes did his first competition. He was hard to handle at the start when he first joined at 8 but now thats he is older and taken more of a liking to javelin, the distance produced on the day was a great performance for him and for me to watch. Knowing how much he has developed from attitude to performance. 

My best advise is – there are always bad days and literally…bad months. Injuries and barriers which require patience and it will test you at times but you have to think that its needed in order to become a better athlete. Just enjoy the process and don’t pressure yourself.

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