Today saw the 17/18 Cross Country club champs, with the West Midlands League. The young athletes were not only running in the league but running to be crowned club champion, while the Seniors took there places as marshals to see them safely round before taking to the course themselves.

Club Champs results first then West Mids positions (-), Results are as followed:

U11 boys 1st James Gould (17), 2nd Finn Williams- Stein (71), 3rd Callum France (107), 4th Sam Burt (113), 5th Niall Fitzpatrick  (119)

U11 Girls 1st Madelin Lim (75), 2nd Natalie Greennwood (119)

U13 Girls 1st Melanie Gould (4), 2nd Hannah Cooper (41), Isobel Ridler (53), 4th Eva Fitzpatrick (66), 5th Megan Marsh (112)

U13 Boys 1st Finnley Newey (69), 2nd Ruairc Winston (72), 3rd Samuel Morrey (75), 4th Daniel Endersby (83), Diarmuid Winston (88)

U15 Girls 1st Rosie Cale (39), 2nd Saffie Chiba (43), 3rd Lucy Green (53), 4th Rositsa Gugutkova (55), 5th Alice Parsons (67), 6th Amber Ballard (82)

U15 Boys 1st Jai Sispal (7), 2nd Cameron Williams- Stein (10)

U17 Girls – No Runners

U17 Boys 1st Dom Priest (14) 2nd Jamie Wollaston (50)


Senior Results


All results are subject to change due to the races combined in league races

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