Attending Edmondscote Athletics Track

Please familiarize yourself with the information provided on this page.  It will help us to make your day run smoother and without incident.

You will find details about,

  • parking
  • entrance/exits
  • registration
  • site facilities
  • at your event
  • timetable
  • results

Edmondscote Athletics Track

Visiting Edmondscote Track


Refer to the following website for current COVID information – NHS COVID INFORMATION

There will be NO ACCESS to the track from River Close other than emergency vehicles.

On arrival please follow the signs to the car park.  Officials and volunteers should park in the blue area marked on the map and athletes should go to the left and park as shown by the yellow area.  Athletes and Officials will enter the site from the gate shown in green.  Athletes and guests will then be directed towards the registration area just inside the gate. Please expect a temperature test to be taken at this point.  Officials should proceed towards the club room to register.  There will be hand sanitisers and PPE in this area.  Only Officials and Volunteers will be permitted to enter the club room.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be keeping numbers of people on site to a minimum.  Each athlete may bring an additional guest (parent, partner, coach, etc) with them due to Covid-19 restrictions.  In the case of younger athletes requiring a parent to bring them to the event, their coach may also attend but MUST inform the Event Organiser in advance.

When you enter into the site you will be required to state your name to the greeter and complete an NHS Test & Trace form with your details.  Temperature testing may be used.  A QR code will be available for smartphone users, which will direct you to a simple web form where you will be asked to provide name, contact name and email address.  If your phone does not scan then please use this link to register your attendance on site TRACK & TRACE  Time and date will be captured automatically.  At this point please use the hand sanitiser at the registration desk.

Athletes will be checked against the registration list and then be provided with their bib numbers.  The same number will be used for all events an athlete takes part in.  You will then be permitted to proceed onto the site.  Leamington C&AC reserve the right to expel anyone from site who does not follow our Covid rules.

Edmondscote Athletics Track

What to do once on site

As soon as you enter please ensure that you sanitise your hands at one of the sanitising stations around the site.

Athletes competing in throws events will need to have their implement checked.  This will be done past the club room near to the storage containers.  If there are athletes already queuing, please ensure that you remain 2m apart.

Officials & Volunteers should proceed to the club room where you will sign in, be allocated your role and collect your personal officials/volunteers pack for the day.

Do’s & Don’ts

Once you have collected your number you may then wish to find an area to base yourselves from. There is ample space on site however, areas in front of the home straight will be marked out for social distancing measures to ensure you can keep your distance from others.  Please ensure you take time to read notices relating to social distancing whilst moving around the site.

  • Don’t sit on any seats or benches you find that have tape around them.
  • Do not move tables and chairs from where they belong. (they have been carefully placed to aid social distancing)
  • Do follow one way systems and social distancing markers.
  • Do find an unoccupied area of grass to setup any of your own chairs or blankets while continuing to observe distancing rules.

Facilities available onsite

Facilities that will be available include:

  • Toilets
  • First Aid Services

Facilities that will not be available include:

  • Changing Areas & Showers

PLEASE NOTE: There will not be any refreshments available on site so please ensure you bring food and drink for the day.  A short walk away from the track there is a Morrisons supermarket, a Costa Coffee outlet and a McDonalds.

All Competitions

A strict no spitting rule will be in operation.  Athletes seen spitting whether that be on the track or to enhance the grip on an implement will receive a yellow card.  Continued behaviour could lead to a disqualification from the event.

Field competitions

All athletes in field competitions will be split up into pools of six for jumps and pools of twelve for throws.  One pool will complete their four attempts before the next pool can start. Whilst competing each athlete will be assigned a chair or bench that is socially distanced away from other athletes and officials. For both throws and jump events athletes should try to provide their own markers.  Athletes competing in throwing events will all get at least two warm up throws and then four competition throws.

Track competitions

All athletes in track competitions will be split up into races of six athletes for 100m, 200m and 400m and races of eight athletes for 1500m.  Races will run from slowest to fastest.  Starting blocks: 100m runners will turn and walk back up the track once they have completed their race to collect their blocks; 200m runners will continue to walk around and collect their blocks.  For 400m races the track officials will have the blocks removed from the track once the race starts. Where necessary some races night be merged M/F though we will try and avoid this.  Whilst waiting to compete athletes should try to maintain social distancing away from other athletes and officials.

Warming up & cooling down

There is an area adjoining the track which will be used as a warm-up area.  As this is part of the site and inside the main fence you will not need to sign-out and in again should you wish to use it.  Throwing will NOT be permitted in this area.


EventStart TimeMaximum CompetitorsNo. of Races
Shot Put11:0012
100m11:00427 (6 athletes per race)
Pole Vault under 3m11:306
400m12:00366 (6 athletes per race)
Shot Put13:3012
200m13:30427 (6 athletes per race)
Pole Vault over 3m14:306
1500m14:45486 (8 athletes per race)

For a full FIELD timetable please click HERE


Results will not be pinned to the board in order to prevent groups of people congregating in one place.  For field events you will be able to ask the Field Officials at your event.   The results will be posted to our Facebook page throughtout the day –

Results will be sent to Power of 10 once the competition has finished.

What you should bring

To reduce queues and assist the smooth running of the event we are asking all athletes to bring the following:

  • 8x Pins
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Starting blocks (if you have your own)
  • Throws implement (if you have your own)
  • Poles if you are taking part in the pole vault competition.  These will not be provided.

After your event has finished

Once you have completed your event and finished warming down we ask that you leave the stadium in a timely manner unless you are taking part in several events during the day.  Athletes competing in more than one event are permitted to stay on site until their next event.


There will be a club photographer on site during the day.  He is taking photographs for the club to use for promotional purposes.  If anyone would like to view any photos post event then please contact us.

Leaving the site

We kindly ask that before leaving you place any rubbish in the bins provided.  All persons on the site will leave via the same gate they entered through.