An * indicates that the athlete entered the Championships in an individual event and was selected to compete for the team at the Championships.

1991Les Barnett (GB)*4x400 (M40)European ChampionshipsStrasbourg, FranceTeam gold
2002Susie Tawney (Eng)*Cross Country(W40)Home InternationalBallimena, N. IrelandTeam silver
2003Susie Tawney (GB)3000m (W40)International Le Toquet, France5th 10.52.05
2006Susie Tawney (GB)*Cross Country (W45)World Indoor ChampionshipsLinz, Austia6th + Team bronze
2007Monica Williamson (Eng)Cross Country (W45)Home InternationalBelfast4th + Team gold
2007Susie Tawney (GB)*Cross Country (W45)
*4x200m (W45)
European Indoor Championships Helsinki, Finland3rd + Team bronze
4th team
2009Susie Tawney (GB)*Cross Country (W45)
*4x200m (W35)
European Indoor Championships Ancona, Italy5th + Team silver
Team bronze
2010Monica Williamson (Eng)Cross Country (W45)Home InternationalDublin1st + Team gold
2010Susie Tawney (GB)*Cross Country (W45)
*4x200m (W45)
World Indoor ChampionshipsKamloops, Canada12th + 4th team
Team silver
2011Monica Williamson (Eng)Cross Country (W50)Home InternationalGlasgow4th +Team gold
2011Susie Tawney (GB)*Cross Country (W50)European Indoor Championships Gent, Belgium13th + Team silver
2012Monica Williamson (Eng)Cross Country (W50)Home InternationalBelfast4th + Team gold
2012Susie Tawney (GB)*Cross Country (W50)
World Indoor ChampionshipsJyvaskya, Finland3rd + Team silver
Team silver
2013Monica Williamson (Eng)Cross Country (W50)Home InternationalCardiff4th + Team gold
2013Susie Tawney (GB)*Cross Country (W50)European Indoor Championships San Sebastian, Spain9th + Team silver
2014Monica Williamson (Eng)Cross Country (W50)Home InternationalNottingham4th + Team gold
2014Susie Tawney (GB)*Cross Country (W45)World Indoor ChampionshipsBudapest, Hungary6th + Team Gold
2015Monic Williamson (Eng)Cross Country (W55)Home InternationalDublin2nd + Team gold
2015Susie Tawney (GB)*Cross Country (W55)World Outdoor ChampionshipsLyon, France8th + Team Silver
2016Susie Tawney (GB)*Cross Country (W55) European Indoor Championships Ancona, Italy6th + Team Gold
2016Monica Williamson (Eng)Cross Country (W55)Home InternationalGlasgow3rd + Team Gold
2017Susie Tawney (GB)*Cross Country (W55)World Masters IndoorsDeagu, Korean2nd + Team Gold
2017Susie Tawney (GB)*10km Road (W55) 42.04European Masters Road Champs Grosetto Italy2nd + Team Gold