Leamington C&ACs Chris Hitchman was awarded the prized World Major Marathons Six Star medal at the end of his recent New York marathon run, finishing in 3:30:25.  Although a dis-appointing time for Hitchman, who struggled in the later stages of the race, the medal is a significant milestone in his running career, with less than 5000 runners worldwide holding the medal.  With three times under 3 hours, his best in Berlin 02:55:03 (2012), Hitchman’s cumulative time of 18hrs 42 mins places him in the top 250 of medal holders.  With other qualifying races Boston 02:58:23 (2013), Chicago 02:58:37 (2013), London 03:06:02 (2010) and Tokyo 03:13:59 (2014)


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