Saturday saw the second race of the Birmingham Cross Country League and the Midland Women’s Cross-Country League and whilst Leamington C&AC men and women were in separate locations they were united in spirit with the aid of a music anthem written by member Andrew Higgins. “The Power of the Red Shorts” was released to members of the club to mark the increased number of members now reverting to the traditional red shorts.

Red shorts a plenty, 21 ladies lined up for the start of their race at the Welcombe Hills in Stratford. With a hard up hill start and a 2 lap course which did not appear to have any flat parts at all, the ladies performed well, maintaining their first position in the masters’ category and finishing 5th in the seniors’ race. Kelly Edwards finished 21st overall and was the first master to cross the line in a time of 27:27 with Monica Williamson (28:19; 25th); Zara Blower (28:48; 36th) and Jenny Jeeves (28:55; 39th) making up the scoring team. Edwards, Williamson and Jeeves also scored for the masters team leaving Wendy Daniels (29:44; 50th) to complete the scoring. The ladies were seen recovering with mulled wine and cake in a tinsel covered tent after the race. Other runners: Megan McDonald (29:06); Saffia Del Torre (31:08); Courtney Thornberry (31:46); Anouk Molliex (32:34); Charlie Mitchell (33:15); Eve Walpole (33:35); Laura Gould (35:25); Jane Perkins (35:36); Judith Hanlon (35:57); Sara Wills (36:00); Carol Blower (37:29); Tara Fagge (27:40); Helen West (37:43); Mary Donaldson (38:07); Delia Caruana (40:10); Louise Marsh (41:24).


The men had to travel further afield to Trentham, Stoke where the first dilemma they had to face was whether to don their cross country spikes or go for a trail shoe. The course was a mixture of trail and the more expected off road which saw runners face a number of steep hills as they raced in and around an old quarry site. 28 LCAC members took part with the ever reliable Callum Hanlon coming home first for the club in a spectacular 17th position (35:43). Paul Andrew was second in 26th position (26:23) with Simeon Howson and Phil Gould coming in only 11 seconds apart of each other in 39th and 42nd respectively (37:22, 37.33). The scoring team were made up of the fresh faced Lewis Fagge (38:20; 55th) and Kieran Chahal (38:38, 64th) who have been a real bonus to the team having moved up from the junior category this year. The team were 6th overall which keeps them in 7th position with 2 races to go. The B team consisted of Jack Savage (39:50); Jonathan Brown (41:34); Gavin Fowler (42:30); John Knib (42:49) Ben Rajann (42:58) and Jason Hill (42:59) who finished 5th on the day, making them 6th overall in the B category. Other runners: Marc Curtis (43:27); Craig Bower (43:36); Dean Mawby (44:12); Steve Hundal (44:53); James Joyce (44:58); Garrath Schule (45:30); Simon Perkins (45:35); Simon West (46:32); Andrew Higgins (47:37); Nick Tawney (49:32); Steve Roberts (49:57); Paolo Foglini (51:12); Peter Stockbridge (52:21); Alex Montgomery (54:06); Roger Fagge (54:14); Sagar Depala (57:26).


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